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5 Jewelry Wearing Secrects That Nobody Knows

“Less is more” is the main tip for timeless style.


Whenever a woman wears the appropriate amount of accessories or picks the right pieces, the entire look is balanced and each element of the jewelry plays a clearly defined role. If we disregard this and go overboard, what we think looks exuberant may look tacky. Thus, women need to choose the right amount of jewelry to look nice.
Now we will discuss what are the main secrets you must follow:

Secret no 1.

Wear Jewelry that is matching the current occasion 

Women should never improvise; they should have an idea of what to wear and which accessories to use for each and every event. Because quite many women make same mistake by wearing any jewelry at any occasion. Now you know what you don't need to do ;) Each and every type of necklace, ring and bracelet have the best occasion where it can be worn to and when this is followed appropriately, you would look nice at the event and everything the woman use would match perfectly.
Do not wear 'loudly' style jewelry at the job interview or at the OFFICE. Wear subtle, complementary pieces that don’t distract you or others.

At the PARTY wear more loudly and more 'open space jewelry

Secret no 2.
Each jewelry should match with each other when it is being worn.

Wearing different jewelry for ex. ring set and layered necklace should not differentiate as much at all, it must be at least the same color or with similar stones. Also pay attention to what clothing are you wearing.

Secret no 3.

The nr. 1 jewelry piece you must have in your collection - Pendant Necklace

 A classic pendant necklace with a larger or longer drop can be worn endlessly. Pendant necklaces are a modern way to wear jewelry without feeling over-accessorized. 
Big layered necklaces shows woman's confidence and courage to show how beautiful and unique woman can be

Secret no 4.

Match your hairstyle and earrings size at the same time.

It is crucial for every woman to know that the best match for a beautiful pair of earrings is the hairstyle which would let them shine appropriately. Most women love to have a fancy and big hairstyle but should not steal the attention from the earrings otherwise they would clash. Thus if you are putting on a gold earrings along with diamond, the best thing is to keep the hair sleek, behind your ears so that it can be seen by everyone.

However, if you aim to rock a bigger hair, ensure you go for small discrete earrings. These are some of the things every woman has to note whenever they are choosing the pair of earrings which match their outfit perfectly. For instance, a dangling earring would probably bring some attention to your shoulder but the same kind of earrings can make a woman with a long hair look messy.
Additionally, if you have multiple ears piercing, don’t worry too much because there is a kind of earring which is perfect for you.


Secret no 5.

By wearing jewelry you express your true personality which makes you more confident!

Most women are very passionate about Jewelry because it represents a symbol of feminist as well as social status. Jewelry has always made women feel confident and beautiful. The importance of jewelry is so much emphasized because it adds a lot to the natural beauty of a woman.

The beauty of the skin is always subjective and a glance at the past shows clearly that jewelry had been radiating this inner beauty by adorning the forehead, neck, ears, hands, waists as well as feet of women. Nowadays, both the young and middle aged women are crazy about jewelry. 
Women are generally very choosy about the design and they also pay a good price for the ones they like. Expensive jewelry might hype the social prestige but it might not be safe to wear them every day to work. Thus, women that step out of home, apart from socializing can hunt for exclusive series of jewelry which are cheap and fashionable. 
 Dressing with purpose and wearing jewelry that echoes that can make us feel the type of confidence that comes from feeling truly yourself. 
 Clearly, jewelry is still a form of self-expression. Whether it be a delicate chain or a choker, the things we choose to wear send a little message to those passing us by, and perhaps to ourselves, too.