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What is an Influencer?
As an Influencer, you present an individual product to your family, friends and social Media Followers. 
We YUZULIA would love to see you intodrucing our jewelry to your beloved one´s. For our Influncers there will be 70% off ALL TIME!

As an YUZULIA- Influencer you have great opportunities to get free products of your choice and be in connection with a supportive Team! Together, we help you to grow and to be a successful Influencer! 💜


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How does it work? 

  1. Fullfil in the data down below! ...or send us an E-mail (influencer@yuzulia-shop.com) or write directly us on Instagram (yuzulia_store) 
  2. You will receive a message from us with further informations 
  3. Place an order I when the order is placed, you will be automatically activated as an Inlfuencer and you can create a code with -30% off for you beloved one´s 
  4. As soon as two orders are placed with your code, you will get a FREE product of your choice 

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💜Our Journal💜



Love is a term for strongest affection and appreciation.

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Is there an age limit?
There is no age limit! Everyone can be a successful influencer and we JUZULIA want to help you on the way! In our influencer programme, you will have great opportunities to receive tips and advices, as so FREE products and many surprises!!

How do I know that this is safe?

Our Influencer- mission is to help other people to start their way as an Influencer!

So our offer is, to let you buy some jewelry with a 70% Discount and afterwards, you will receive free products, because you are promoting with your Influencer Code! So it is more like a Win Win situation. We also provide secured checkout!

How do I get free items?

Firstly, you have to purchase something with the 70% discount. Afterwards, you will start receiving free products and your own influencer code!

By the time, you will receive many free products and surprises!

Are there any requirements needed?

NO! You don’t need many followers to participate. There is no age limit! You don´t have to have knowledge. We will support you on your way!

When will my parcel arrive?

We are based in europe. For us costum service has high priority. To make sure that you will receie your order, we have picked good carriers. Due the breakdown, your order will delay. But you will get them! If not. We offer buyer protection. You will get the money back, if you don´t receive the goods.

Why do I have to make a purchase first?

You only have to make a purchase with the influencer code, to activate your influencer account officially. Also our products are made with love and fineness.


Where are you based?

We are based in europe. For us costum service has high priority. To make sure that you will receie your order, we have picked good carriers.



💜We are a small company with big goals.💜
We want to spread happiness, beauty and purity all over the world.
We want to make people happy.
Our slogan: treat other people well and treat yourself well.
We offer jewelry for everyone!
For younger or older ones! With us you will find everything!
And if you need help with the selection, you only need to contact us
and a LIVE consultant is with you!
We also want high quality jewelry to be affordable for everyone!
Together we are strong! For us, the customer are our queens and kings.
We treat everyone with respect and tolerance!
Every day is beautiful, so use it and shine!


Gifting Made Easy
💜Make your beloved one´s happy! 💜
The bracelet is very popular among us women!
Every day is special! So use it and 
surprise your girlfriend or wife with some jewelry! 
Make her happy and treat her well! 
...or just treat yourself with it! 

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