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This blog is intended as a manual for guys, to help them purchase diamond jewellery for the women in their lives. Whether wife, girlfriend, mother, daughter, sister, business partner, or someone else, there will be occasions when you know a gift of jewellery is what is required.

In any of those cases, the following points will help you to choose jewellery the recipient will appreciate.

Women wear diamond jewellery to make themselves feel attractive

Who they are directing this towards can vary, but women will wear jewellery to be noticed by their partner, or someone they want to be their partner. Sometimes women will wear jewellery to hide behind, to mask their nerves at a big occasion, or to look like they belong in a certain circle of people. Good jewellery gives a woman confidence, whether to be noticed, or to go into a situation she finds intimidating.

If you can manage to give a woman a piece of jewellery that has a powerful message of support, and of her value to you, and as a person, then that will be a great boost to her confidence, every time she wears it.

Women wear jewellery to show their individuality

An adult woman usually wishes to be seen for herself, not as part of the herd. (You need to remember though that teenage girls can be a different species in this regard, very much needing to be part of their particular crowd.) Unique jewellery, or jewellery worn in a unique way, is something that can set her apart, be her trademark, and showcase her style. Bespoke pieces are a magnet for women who need to be one-of-a-kind, or whose style is definitely not High Street.

As another example, a woman with strong ethical principles may never normally wear mined diamonds, because of their dubious environmental and humanitarian record. But to give her ethical IQ Diamonds would be unique, and a talking point that would give her something to get excited about with her like-minded friends.

Here at Ethica Diamonds, we have a wide range of styles, from classic elegance to Art Deco to quirky modern, so we hope there is something that will suit the style of most women – and failing that, you can design your own!

Women wear jewellery to show off their best features

A woman who is proud of her long, slender neck will often wear her hair up, and maybe use long slim earrings to draw attention to it. A woman with beautiful hands, or a new manicure, may use rings to attract attention where she wants it, and be very expressive with her gestures while talking.

Watch the woman you want to buy jewellery for – see what items she usually wears, where she draws attention, which parts of herself she hides or distracts from. And then follow suit. If she never, ever, ever wears bracelets because she doesn’t like her wrists, then buying her a bracelet will be a pointless exercise. It will live in her drawer, and she will think that you don’t know her very well.

Women wear jewellery to remember special occasions

Most women, once you give them an engagement ring, will wear it for the rest of their lives. Ditto wedding rings, presuming your relationship goes the distance, and we do hope it does!

Lockets containing items of sentiment have been worn throughout history and offer comfort for the people wearing them – Credit theribboninmyjournal.com

Throughout history, people have worn lockets with pictures of loved ones, jewellery that belonged to departed family members, and other pieces commemorating special events. If you’re aiming for a ‘big’ birthday or anniversary present, then it would be a very cunning idea to choose something that the recipient can happily wear for the rest of their lives. Something that is ‘only for best’ is very special, but you know you’ve done well when they never take off your gift.

Of course, there are other reasons why a woman will wear jewellery. But these should help you to choose wisely when considering a gift for a special woman in your life.