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COVID- 19 Info

Ladies and Gentlemen! 

Thank you for shopping by. Due the Covid19 breakdown, many costumers are scared or influenced to buy online. 

We YUZULIA can guarantee you, that you will receive your packages! Most of the postal services around the world are still open and working hard on these days.  

❗❗❗ We ship worldwide. Please check whether the postal service is open in your area or not. Despite the current situation, most are open.  ❗❗❗

What happens to the items deposited with the closed Post partners?
Please refer to the deposit branch via the notice at the closed Post partners.

What if I don´t get my parcel? 
If the buyer protection has passed, you will get your money back or we can resend you a new item. Please not, that because of the current situation, most parcels will arrive later. Kindly, write an email to info@yuzulia-shop.com

Is it safe to buy from other countries?
YES! The items are shipped a long way, where the virus is not able to survive. Also your goods, are packed safely! 

In some regions, there are long delays because multiple orders are currently being placed online and personal service were been increased. Thank you for your understanding!

Are the carriers still operating during the coronavirus crisis? 

Maybe one of the most important questions that you might be asking yourself now is “will my orders be delivered to my customers?” 

At the moment, the delivery of parcels is not (yet) prohibited by the corona crisis. However, delivery across Europe has been affected in certain areas. Carriers also are taking measures to protect their staff, including strongly enforcing hygiene and distancing measures. Therefore, you may find there are changes to their normal services. 

Also note, border control is becoming stricter as countries block tourism and non-essential travel. In Europe, this currently does not include the movement of goods. But it does mean there may be extra checks at border crossings and this generally could cause delays in shipments. Next to this, governments are forcing shops to close across Europe if they are considered non-critical (for example clothing stores, flower shops etc). These are also locations for Pick-Up and Drop-Off (PUDO) points. Therefore the amount of PUDO points can be significantly lower in different countries depending on current measures. It is advised to ship as many parcels as possible directly to the consumer.